Wild World Connect Circles for Teen Boys and Girls ...wake up and express yourself!  "the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” — Joseph Campbell  Do You Ever Experience: Feeling Misunderstood (Who Am I, How Do I Fit In, What are My Values?) The Desire to “Check Out?” Feeling Frustrated, Depressed &/or Apathetic (Who Cares? Attitude)? Wishing Your Educational & Life Experiences Held More Meaning & Purpose? Being Bullied/Harassed or Bullying/Harassing Others? Low Self-esteem/Lack of Self-worth or motivation/Low Self-image? The Desire to Connect more Fully with Your Peers, Parents &/or Others?  You CAN Experience MORE — Discover The Treasure Within You! Discover Your Purpose & Passion Connect with Peers in Meaningful Ways (Safe & Sacred Space) Communicate Your Truth Effectively (w/Opposite Sex, Friends & Family) Engage in Creative Expression Develop Healthy Boundaries Learn How Nutrition Can Enhance Your Personal Appearance & Health Become Confident, Empowered & Increase Your Self-Esteem  Cultural Wellness Connect Circles for Tweens/Teens Offer: Adult Role Models and Mentors Rites of Passage, Ritual, and Tradition WILD Nature Connections Life Skills Training Teen Empowerment Tool Kit ... and More!


 Kylie Sullivan-Pawlo

(art completed @ age 13)


Luc Chamberlain-Lester

(art completed @ age 15)


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Who Am I & Where Do I Stand?

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