CWFEC PROMOTES CULTURAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS The Cultural Wellness & Family Enrichment Center is responsive to the complex challenges communities, families and individuals face within our 21st c. lifestyle. We focus on the promotion of whole human health & cultural well-being—rather than on fear-based prevention or therapeutic intervention strategies aimed at managing personal dis-ease or dis-order. We connect to that which holds meaning & purpose ... spirit, nature, community, family & self We promote health, life learning & whole human development We foster family enrichment, intergenerational mentorship & support We encourage slow, inherent-wisdom based living We enjoy community work & play We hold childhood as a sacred time and space while our young people unfold in the truth of who they are We gather in ritual celebration of seasonal traditions, rites of passage & spirit  "And so we see people who are spiritually disconnected, living in boxes and driving in boxes, perhaps once a year going "out to nature" to get a small touch of what was once the daily experience of humans. These people seek escape. They sit in urban and suburban homes and feel miserable, not knowing why, experiencing anxiety and fear and pain that cannot be softened by drugs or TV or therapy because they are afflicted with a sickness of the soul, not of the mind." ― Thom Hartmann CWFEC FOSTERS An awareness and understanding of human relationships within complex, interconnected environment(s); and the design of human environments that promote health, balance and harmony within Earth: Place Making & Community Building Whole Human Development Health/Social Equity Cultural Competency, Human Adaptability & Community Resiliency Social Responsibility, Accountability & Restorative Justice Fair Trade & Local Economy Balanced Living Within Earth CULTURAL HEALTH & WELLNESS ARE EVIDENT WHEN WE: ENJOY PHYSICAL HEALTH Universal Access to Organic, Non-GMO (Unadulterated) Food Proper Hydration Natural Daily Rhythm THRIVE IN EMOTIONAL WEALTH Nature/Community Connection Presence of Purpose & Meaning Sense of Belonging & Safety GROW INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY Natural, Place-based Learning Whole Body Learning (Multi-sensory) Life Learning & Whole Human Development CULTIVATE SPIRIT Nature/Community Connection Peaceful, Reverent & Wholesome Themes, Healthy Role Modeling Celebrations of Ritual & Tradition (Heritage) Stillness & Rest Routine Movement Sensory Experiences Cooperative Work & Play Mentorship, Rites of Passage & Life Training Healthy Risk & Appropriate Response Unstructured, Imaginary Play & Relaxation Process/Practice Oriented Learning for Complex Understanding Presence of Being Artistic Experience Compassion & Stewardship Presence of Awe, Wonder & Gratitude

Cultural Wellness is the foundation of sustained social, economic and environmental vitality.

We welcome you to join us in our work and play, in community co-creation and

co-evolution of a healthy, vibrant, more joyous world!

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