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The Cultural Wellness & Family Enrichment Center is a holistic community center - a living model of cultural wellness. A place where individuals & families come to experience and enjoy connectedness, health, wellness and harmony within Earth & community.

Experiences at the Center enrich our lives & remind us what it feels like to Return Home … to ourselves, to community, to Mother Nature. Ultimately, we can take these experiences back into our homelives & out into our larger community to create the shift that forms the foundation for sustained Cultural Wellness: Adults reclaim our inherent role as the Guardians of Childhood – protecting this sacred space & time when children fall in love with life through their exploration & discovery Our youth are truly afforded the freedom to be in their WILD: Wonder, Innocence, Laughter, Daringness Communities support healthy cultural norms wherein young people have access to mentors, relevant education and meaningful experiences; and, rhythm, ritual and cultural traditions are daily practice Life moves slower (at a manageable and sustainable pace) as we enjoy opportunities to relax into the beauty of natural gathering spaces Our bodies and souls are nourished in abundance; and bliss and delight are common as we remember connection is the truth of who we are. The Cultural Wellness & Family Enrichment Center promotes the foundations of cultural wellness through offering relational experiences and living connections – within educational and community environments – that restore childhood to its natural state for sustained social stability, environmental vitality and economic prosperity, now and for generations to come. The Future Home of CWFEC in Arizona... houses beautiful outdoor/indoor gathering spaces and program offerings that inspire vibrant community living here in the valley! CONNECT TO FOODS THAT NOURISH THE BODY AND SOUL The Center houses community gardens, farmer's market, community café and programs that increase personal awareness of - and connection to - the foods that nourish our bodies. We inspire healthy food choices, and appreciation for locally cultivated and slow food meal preparations. Community Gardening (organic, pesticide-free gardens) Local Farmer's Market WORK AND PLAY The Center houses outdoor community space that invites natural movement through purposeful work and play to promote health and increase physical capability and vitality of our young people, adults and elders. Safe, Tree-Covered Pedestrian/Bike Path Spacious Athletic Fields for Community Sports Wild Zones: Safe, Natural Play Spaces (Encouraged, Unstructured, Outdoor, WILD Play) ENJOY RELATIONSHIP The Center offers opportunities for mentorship and multi-generational engagement, community work, play, and celebration (especially beneficial within our urban communities where traditional support systems are less intact). Elders Circles Grandfather Time (shared oral story traditions) ENGAGE IN MEANING AND PURPOSE CWFEC programs and community offerings encourage self exploration and the discovery of unique passions and callings through life learning, family enrichment, community work and celebration. Cultural Health & Wellness Workshops Natural Family Living Classes & Peer Circles Natural Building Workshops Community Work & Play Ritual & Seasonal Festival Celebrations LIVE PRESENT CWFEC fosters multiple opportunities for individuals to build natural support systems and techniques that extend beyond the Center itself. These supports reinforce: a slower pace of daily rhythm; being present to the moment; and relieving the pressures associated with hectic 21st c. lifestyles. Community Gardens Natural Beauty of Outdoor Space Spaces for Restoration & Relaxation CULTIVATE SOUL LIFE We connect within spirit and in communion with nature and community to fortify soul life. Non-denominational Circle Gatherings & Play Seasonal Festival Celebrations THRIVE IN TRIBE Our community holds our children, adults and families while modeling personal health and cultural wellness. Elders Circles Rites of Passage

In our shared commitment to the promotion of cultural wellness, we build strong foundations that support social sustainability, environmental vitality and economic prosperity in Arizona today, and for generations to come!


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